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In co-operation with the New Zealand Coast Guard is a global tsunami early warning and alert system that can send SMS txt alerts to mobile phones. Ltd is a New Zealand based company, which monitors Earthquake agencies (PTWC), and other such natural worldwide phenomena, that is likely to cause a Tsunami.
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Latest Tsunami Alerts Since May 2011

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Date: February 27, 2015 13:57 UTC
February 27, 2015 21:57 CST
Magnitude: 6.8
Location: 7.5S 122.5E
Depth: 0m
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Date: February 22, 2015 14:30 UTC
February 22, 2015 07:30 MST
Magnitude: 6.6
Location: 18.5N 106.9W
Depth: 0m
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Date: February 16, 2015 23:12 UTC
February 17, 2015 09:12 EST
Magnitude: 6.9
Location: 39.9N 144.5E
Depth: 0m
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Date: February 11, 2015 19:01 UTC
February 11, 2015 17:01 BRST
Magnitude: 6.9
Location: 23.2S 67.2W
Depth: 0m

Who's going to wake you up

Tsunami-Warn operates 24hrs a day - all year round, worldwide. Tsunami-Warn can alert you in the early hours of the morning - when you are at most risk ... while sleeping! Tsunami threats can occur within minutes, or several hours of an Earthquake anywhere in the world is a global tsunami early warning and alert system giving subscribers early warning SMS alerts to impending tsunami's which may threaten their registered location.

Early warning is essential to limit disaster, should a Tsunami occur.  

The Tsunami-Warn system will alert you directly on your mobile phone, - and as long as you are within GSM mobile coverage, and your phone is switched on, - you will receive the Tsunami-Warn alert.

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Can you afford not to know?

For the cost of a small subscription, will monitor International Earthquake Agencies and, should a tsunami be generated, send out early warning alerts to it’s members - at no further cost. If you consider that your life, your family, your friends, and your property are important to you, then consider the value and advantage of subscribing, and being alerted to an impending disaster, any time of day or night, -. Minutes can save lives. If and where an impending disaster from tsunami is imminent, Government and Local Council announcements can take too long assess, due to statutory requirements and procedure. Large earthquakes in some of New Zealand’s most likely offshore danger zones can generate a tsunami that will arrive on our shores within 30 – 45 minutes. You can be the first to be warned!

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Tsunami-Warn 10 reasons why!

Why Tsunami Warn – 10 Reasons why.

1.Tsunami Warn txt alerts are sent out before any other SMS alerting system
2.When you are sleeping at night – who’s going to wake you up and alert you to danger? 
3.Early warning is essential to help save lives before an impending tsunami
4.New Zealand is situated within the “Ring of Fire” – the most active geological area on earth
5.Our whole NZ coastline is susceptible to Tsunami, - as history has shown
6.Tsunami-Warn is a reliable New Zealand based company
7.Tsunami-Warn is a global system, and can alert members while overseas
8.Have “Peace of mind” while on a boat at sea, or living near the coast.
9.Member’s ability to change their location and manage their personal details
10.Colour coded levels for severity of messages in Tsunami Bulletins.

The SMS alert system has been set up as an EARLY ALERT, to warn members who may, for example:

Live or own property on or near the Coast.
Be sleeping at night, or in the early hours of the morning, on, or near the sea.
Fishermen, Divers and Boat Skippers at-or near the sea. read more
Have friends or family that may live on or near the coast.
Who may own a boat and be at sea, or berthed in a Marina.
That have a family, and frequent the coast for recreation.
That have children going to school that may be close to an induction zone
Who may be employed or have a commercial business near or on the sea.
On vacation - both locally or overseas - especially the Pacific islands.
On business overseas.

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There are many good reasons to be responsible and recognise the danger

of Tsunami, - especially in New Zealand and the Pacific. We live in a globally recognised hotspot. More than 75% of the volcanoes in the world - both active and dormant, are found in countries within the Ring of Fire, and  about 80% of major earthquakes are related to activity within the Ring.

After Japan, Hawaii, and Indonesia, New Zealand and Chile are rated as the most likely places to be affected by Tsunami.

See more information about Tsunami.